NFT18 was born of the desire of its founder, Gauthier Zuppinger, to bring much-needed transparency to the NFT markets.

We have seven founding principles that will always be at the heart of what we do:

1 – Neutrality

We are not, never have been, and never will be influenced by interests other than bringing transparency to the NFT markets.

We have no shareholder to satisfy, and no stake in the NFT projects we analyze. If performance is good, we highlight it; if it’s bad, we highlight it just as much.

2 – Thoroughness

We aim to present the most comprehensive view of NFT markets, with no bias or grey areas.

At launch, NFT18 supports 6 blockchains (Ethereum ERC-721 & ERC-1155, Bitcoin Ordinals, Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism, which correspond to around 85% of the total NFT market. We will be gradually adding new blockchains to produce ever more comprehensive reports, enabling us to decipher trends at all scales.

3 – Data Quality

Data quality has always been one of our top priorities since our very first reports.

We take great care to exclude any activity that could be assimilated to wash trading, as well as any suspicious transactions likely to distort the results of our analyses. Regular checks are carried out on our database to identify any data that may be incomplete, corrupted, or manipulated prior to collection.

4 – Innovation

We imagine the metrics of tomorrow that will enable you to assess the performance of any asset or player in the NFT industry.

We’ve always been keen to offer more relevant metrics, enabling anyone to understand the status of a project, the performance of a segment, or even the trends linked to any class of digital asset.

More metrics, more accurate.

5 – Investigation

We don’t just describe. We decipher, we study, to help you go beyond mere observation.

Our team is constantly conducting parallel research to decipher new phenomena, detect manipulations, and demystify successes. Our approach is not limited to analyzing NFT markets, we also take into account crypto markets, stock markets, global macroeconomic phenomena, and political events.

6 – Whistleblowing

What’s the point of discovering the truth if you don’t share it? We are and will continue to be whistleblowers whenever necessary.

Whether it’s a question of market manipulation, hasty or incorrect conclusions, misleading announcements, or simple mistakes, we have a duty of rigor towards the NFT markets and more particularly what people say about them.

7 – Make NFTs Great Again

Last but not least, our work is part of a wider drive to help NFTs emerge as an independent asset class, built on solid, high-value foundations.

If our work contributes even just a little to a better understanding of the issues and the reality of NFTs, putting to bed speculation and myth, then we will have succeeded in our mission.


Thank you all for supporting our work.