NFT18 is your partner in decyphering NFT Markets and crafting cutting-edge NFT products since 2018.



There are new technological levers that, once properly implemented in the value chain, offer opportunities of which only 1% have been explored to date. Our role is to imagine the solutions and uses of tomorrow that will help brands, corporate & individuals make the most of this new class of asset through unseen, innovative yet valuable devices.

Gauthier published his first market research about NFTs in April 2018 about the rise of Decentraland: Short analysis of Decentraland’s uprising economy

A couple months later, he published the first NFT Yearly Report, analyzing and decyphering the first year of NFT Market Activity.

Since then, Gauthier has been the lead author of all the NFT Market Reports published by NonFungible.com. His reports have been relayed through hundreds of media around the world, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Forbes,…

Since 2018, Gauthier an his team have made up dozens of new and exclusive metrics about the NFT industry: liquidity, retention, commitment rate, traders rate…

We mostly provide on demand and custom reporting. Public Reports you can get here are just the tip of the iceberg.

We carry out in-depth market research on request, whatever the stage your project is at: market sizing, upstream opportunity studies, performance analysis, competitive benchmarking, deciphering successes & failures, market manipulation detection, community behaviour decryption and much more…

Contact us if you are interested in anything more detailed and in-depth

Over the years we’ve been supporting various companies and projects on their NFT Journey, we quickly realised that Market Research was only the first step. The support we offer our customers is not just limited to data, we also help them to understand the mechanics behind their successes and failures.

Market Research, competitive benchmarking is one of the first and most important steps of the strategic advisory we propose to our clients.

Our strategic support is generally provided upstream of any NFT project. It focuses on the following areas:

  • Product Design: How to include NFTs at the heart of your business value proposition? We help you build a product that will be provide enough value to convince NFT Collectors to consider your NFT collection.
  • Sale Strategy: How to create momentum and organic hype around the project during the weeks before the sale? What is the best way to showcase the value of your project?
  • Tokenomics: Pricing / Supply
  • Utility: Value proposition of the NFT. Why would someone spend money for your NFTs?
  • Story-telling: What are the key arguments to showcase / Highlight
  • Partners identification: recommandation of the right partners according to your context, budget and needs. Negociation of deals with the potential partners and support in closing the best possible deals.

Indeed, we’re not a Web3 development studio or a marketing agency.

But over the years, we have built one of the largest networks of Web3 Studios and NFT marketing agencies.

And you know the best part? Over time we have been able to identify the real valuable partners, and we will be able to help you avoid all the “pseudo-experts”. When you work with NFT18, you are guaranteed to be working with real experts, and to be introduced to reliable partners from strategy to the management of your social media, to growth hacking and the development of your website and smart contracts.